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- LeakFREE Roof Inspection Because roofing costs and the value of a detailed inspection report are both tied to the housing market, our prices have to vary across different parts of the country. Within each market, our pricing is extremely competitive and fixed for any building up to 2500 square feet. There is an minimal additional charge per every 100 square feet above 2500 square feet. We will gladly provide the pricing for your area when you contact us. - LeakFREE Roof Certification Once the roof meets the LeakFREE Roof Certification criteria, a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 year certification can be purchased for an additional fee. The 2 year LeakFREE Roof Certification is the most requested. Again, our pricing varies by market but we have standard pricing for any building up to 2500 square feet. Our pricing model is available upon request. We price our certifications aggressively, making it a point to be a very cost-effective alternative to home warranty roof riders.