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Los Angeles, California


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We also offer all of these services in a 10 mile radius around Los Angeles, including Glendale, Van Nuys, Hawthorne, Burbank, Inglewood, El Segundo, San Gabriel, Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Venice, and Santa Monica.

Cert-A-Roof reviews on Yelp

Common Roof Type

Rubber is the most common type of roofing material found in Los Angeles. Because of it's low income demographic, Los Angeles citizens most often decide to use roofing material that is cheap to install, and long lasting, rather than focusing on the style of the roof. Rubber roofing material can last 15-20 years, with the proper mainteneace, but it still needs to be inspected every two years to make sure that it has not ripped, torn, or fallen off. This occurs most often where the temperature fluctuates regularly, causing the rubber to expand and contract frequently, weakening it.Other conditions that can affect your rubber roof in Los Angeles are the Santa Ana winds (high winds of 40 miles per hour), mudslides caused by the surrounding mountains,  and direct heat from the sun, causing rubber shingles to expand and contract rapidly,and debris in valleys.


Like most of the rest of Southern California, the city of Los Angeles has pleasently mild weather year round.  August is typically the warmest month, with an average temperature of 72 degrees, while January is typically the coldest month, with an average temperature of 57 degrees. The majority of rain occurs between December and March, with an average rain fall of 3 inches and an average temperature year round of 63.9 degrees. The majority of rain fall occurs in February, with an average of 3.92 inches.


According to the 2010 census, the population in Los Angeles is 369,4820. 97.6% of the population lives in households. The average family size is 3.54 people, and the median age is 32 years.

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