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“I would highly recommend Cert-A-Roof for any one purchasing a new home and protecting their investment.... The professionals at Cert-A-Roof are all knowledgeable professionals and the only ones we trust with our home.”

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If you believe that we did such a good job with your roof that we deserve to be referred, then please do! If one your referrals turns into a job, then it becomes a win-win-win situation for all of us.


Win #1: You will be gifted a $50 check rebate or a $100 gift certficate toward your roof certification or next service call from Cert-A-Roof. It's your choice!*


Win #2: Your friend will receive superb service PLUS a $25 gift certificate toward his or her certification or next service call!*


Win #3: Cert-A-Roof will be pleased to have been able to service one more roof and be involved in the life of one more person in our community.


So you know who our usual customers are, here are their typical demographics and psychographics:


  1. Is in one of our service areas

  2. Is a decision-maker or influences a decision-maker

  3. Is involved in a residential property or commercial property with a roof on it

  4. Understands the value of protection and safe-guards against the unknown


Make sure that your friend mentions your full name in order for both of you to get this special thank-you!

*This does not include credit towards roof inspections or repairs.