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“A new, sound roof was laid – and just in time. The whole process was completed in just 2 days, and it rained a mere 2 days later. I would strongly recommend Bill and his crew for their workmanship, efficient scheduling and competitive pricing.”

National Roof Certification and Inspection Association

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One way you can save is through social media activity on our Cert-A-Roof profile. As a marketing tool, we use social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linked In. We will keep track of who uses what and how often.


Some things you can do are:

  • "Like" our profile, pictures, comments, or videos

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Each time you do one of these, you will get 1 point that accumulates on an account that we keep track of. Once you have 10 points, you will be credited $10 toward your next service call. You can reach up to a maximum of 25 points, or in other words, $25 off your next service call.


We will be reviewing comments to make sure they are appropriate and quality comments. Distasteful or unsubstantial comments will not count towards a credit and will be promptly deleted.