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Values That Make Us Who We Are

We have established core values to lead us in sustaining higher levels of professionalism in all aspects of appearance, conduct, performance and accountability. Our commitment to achieve true professionalism more effectively meets the needs of the entire spectrum of all our relationships whether it is our customers, affiliates, employees, vendors or the real estate community. Our core values motivate us to strive for excellence at every opportunity to gain trust and respect from those around us.



Everything we do, from our telephone manner to the immaculate way we leave a worksite, combined with every point of contact from the logo on our trucks and texture of our business cards to the tone of our marketing and advertising reflects the highest levels of professionalism. Our personal appearance, integrity, knowledge, competence and attitude demonstrate excellence and quality.



Everyone can depend on us. In our interactions with others, including customers, vendors, business partners and each other, we can be counted on to provide precise, accurate information and do what we say we will do. We honor each commitment and obligation. We are honest and precise when committing to business and personal obligations, including estimates, and work schedules.


On Time Performance

We believe punctuality is an essential courtesy. Therefore we always respond to phone calls, email or other communication promptly, show up on time for appointments, have paperwork ready when promised, stick to work schedules and finish on or before the agreed deadline.


Superior Service

We approach every task in the spirit of continuous improvement. This means we strive to find increasingly better ways to provide better service and added value for our customers and everyone else within our sphere of influence. We are aware of the infinite possibilities for pushing excellence to higher levels. Our uniform standards and procedures ensure consistently high effort and quality of service nationwide.


Pride of Workmanship

We approach each task with our fullest attention, abilities, knowledge and creativity. We know our work is our “calling card” for future business and therefore demands our best throughout. We are always proficient, fast, organized, clean and neat. We continuously seek to increase our knowledge and refine our skills.



In everything we do. We are aware that the effect of the whole is dependent on the quality of each individual element, no matter how minute. From the precise placement of each component to the follow-up phone call, we place big importance on small details. Our goal is to be alert to each opportunity to enhance the overall project and experience.



We respect people, property, time and the opinions and contributions of others. We listen to others carefully, are always thoughtful and polite in our response. We honor other’s time by being prompt, efficient and careful to do things right the first time. We are cooperative team players and openly express our appreciation for the help, critiques and opinions of others.


Integrity and Accountability

Our character is a reflection of who we are and what we represent. Our decisions and actions are guided by well-defined, deeply held principles that make it easy for us to do the right thing, no matter the circumstances or difficulty. We assume full responsibility for our words and actions. We acknowledge misunderstandings and errors immediately, analyze them in order to learn and grow, then move to correct them quickly.



We give thanks each day for the abundance and prosperity in our lives. We give thanks for our customers and know that they come to us due to our Core Values and God’s grace. We express our gratitude through service, contributing our time and talents to help others. Whether volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Central America or supporting local service organizations, we give thanks by giving back.


Your Trust

We know that nothing can replace trust. Trust is the mortar that builds and cements relationships. It creates confidence and enhances peace of mind. Our goal is build a trusted brand by building trusting relationships. Therefore, we will do everything possible to earn and keep your trust.

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