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Cert-A-Roof Is Hiring Roof Inspectors, Installation Crews, Repair Specialists

We’re Hiring Roof Inspectors, Installers, Repair Specialists January 14, 2021 Cert-A-Roof is hiring Roof Inspectors, Roof Installation Crews and Roof Repair Specialists in Southern California. We’re looking for new Roof Inspectors – Conduct professional roof inspections and provide detailed roof inspection reports to our clients. We’re hiring new Roof Installation Crews – Install industry-grade quality … Continued

Now Serving San Diego

Cert-A-Roof is now providing our exclusive LeakFREE® roof inspection, roof certification, roof repair, re-roofing and commercial roofing services in San Diego, CA. Please contact us at: (619) 342-2360  

12 Common Roof Problems

12 Common Roof Problems Is Your Roof Protected? Ever wonder if your home is safe? Surprisingly, your roof has much more to do with your house’s protection than you might think. Even though your roof is out of sight and out of mind, it is important to remember that it protects your most precious belongings: … Continued

Common Roof Defects – Concrete Tile Roofs

Common Roof Defects Concrete Tile Roofs   Concrete Tile is seen in many of the same shapes as clay tile and are normally found in flat or curved categories.  Most manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty for their products.  Here are the most common roof defects observed in concrete tile roofs: Concrete tiles are often … Continued

Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips A Simple Roof Maintenance Guide for Homeowners A bit of planned maintenance can extend the life of you roof and can also help eliminate the costly expense of repairing interior water damage that may be cause by a leaky roof. Working on or around a roof can be dangerous. Use good common … Continued

How to Stay “Roof Smart®” and Extend the Life of Your Roof

How to Stay “Roof Smart®” and Worry Free Homeowners and Home Buyers, your roof is your home’s most vital exterior component. It’s the first and last line of defense for protecting your investment in your property and its furnishings. Being Roof Smart® will save you money and extend the life of your roof. 3 Steps … Continued

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