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LeakFREE® Roof Inspection is the Difference

Cert-A-Roof provides Commercial LeakFREE® Roof Inspection, Roof Repair, Re-Roofing and New Roof Installation services for buildings in Southern California since 1993.

Cert-A-Roof is the leading roof inspector in Southern California. Our founder Les Watrous started the family business in 1993 to provide property and building owners, and church administrators complete peace of mind with their roofs. With over 75,000 inspections and certifications, we understand all the key problem areas with the roofs. The #1 problem found during building inspection is the roof. Over 87% of roofs inspected need repairs according to NRCIA. A leaky roof can end up costing thousands of dollars in damages. Cert-A-Roof maximizes roof life by using its proprietary LeakFREE® Roof Inspection process to inspect the roof.

Once a commercial building roof meets the inspection criteria, the LeakFREE® Certification is admitted to the roof signifying that roof has undergone an extensive inspection and is now able to remain leak-free for the entire certification period. It is the premium standard in professional and commercial roofing assurance.

Cert-A-Roof LeakFREE Roof Inspection and Certification Warranty

What makes Cert-A-Roof Roof Inspection different?

Throughout the whole commercial roof inspection process, high definition photographs are taken by our NRCIA-certified inspector to document any evidence of areas that are leaking right now, or that are likely to leak in the future. After any and all photos have been taken and the roof has been fully inspected, the inspector puts together a thoroughly written inspection report within 24 – 48 hours, that includes photographs, areas that are causing problems, ways to correct  these problems, and price estimates that can help you when you try to buy, sell, finance or insure your building.

All of our roof inspections include the detail and professional opinion that is needed by mortgage lenders, commercial insurance adjusters and roof riders on property and building warranty insurance policies. Such information is typically missing from standard property inspection reports.

Property LeakFREE Roof Inspection and Certification

Why go with Cert-A-Roof?

There are many reasons a roof might leak and the purpose of a commercial roof inspection with Cert-A-Roof is to expose these problem areas if they are present. Cert-A-Roof’s main goal, though, is to qualify the roof for a LeakFREE® Certification if these problems are not present or can be corrected. Either way, you will have better protection and peace-of-mind because at the end of the inspection, you would be well on your way to getting roof assurance.

Benefits of LeakFREE® Roof Inspection service

NRCIA-certified Roof Inspectors (we’re different)

➤ Over 150 Five star reviews from real customers

➤ Fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service

➤ Over 75,000 certified roof inspections and certifications

➤ Clean, reliable service technicians

➤ Specified and prompt time of arrival

➤ Standardized roof inspection process

➤ Electronic photographic reports

➤ Standardized result analysis

➤ Standardized recommended pricing

➤ Standardized LeakFREE® Roof Certification Plus Warranty

➤ Extended roof warranties available

➤ Renewable roof warranties available

➤ Transferrable roof warranties included

➤ Preventative maintenance inspections included if certified

Special Advantages of LeakFREE® Roof

LeakFREE Roof Certification Warranty Certificate by Cert-A-Roof

Certifying your building with a LeakFREE® Roof Certification has several advantages over other types of roof certifications:

First, when our certification is purchased, the peace of mind that comes of knowing it is backed by a national association comes with it. This is not just a small company that could go out of business tomorrow.

Second, certification before a building is sold is required by several cities and states. Our certifications meet any and all requirements needed to help in mortgage payments reduction, reduced insurance premiums and even a reduced purchase price.

Third, having your roof certified with our LeakFREE® warranty offers the assurance that comes with a thorough examination and analysis of the interior, exterior, perimeter, attic and rooftop. This is something that building inspectors, who only inspect the interior of your building, are unable to provide.

In addition to this, should a roof leak subsequently occur on a certified roof, our contractor will 1) repair the roof if it is due to normal wear and tear or an inspection oversight, or 2) assist the commercial property manager in filing an insurance claim if the problem is not covered under the certification.

Please read our Certification Terms and Conditions so that you may know what to expect from our LeakFREE® Certifications.

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