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Cert-A-Roof offers Anaheim residents professional roof inspection and certification, and all roofing services in a 10 mile radius around Anaheim, including the cities of Atwood, Brea, Costa Mesa, East Irvine, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Irvine, Midway City, Santa Ana, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster, and Buena Park.

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Anaheim Common Roof Type

The most popular style of roofing material in Anaheim, California is tile. It matches the Spanish architecture commonly found in the area, and is also extremely durable. However, even though it is durable, tile roofing needs to be inspected every two years. This is due to the fact tile can slip out of place, crack, or even break. The Santa winds, which are winds that can reach up to 40 miles per hour, debris in the valleys of the tile, or deteriorated felt from direct sunlight, are other things that can also damage the integrity of your tile.

Anaheim Climate

Anaheim, like most other cities in Orange County, has delightful weather year-round with an average of 70. The warmest months are July August and September, with a high of 85, while the coolest months are November to April, with a low of 50. The majority of the rain occurs during January and February, although the rain is not solely confined to those two months, with an average of 11 inches.

Anaheim Population

As of 2010, Anaheim’s population was 341,361. The percentage of that population living in households was 83.5, and 3.32 people was the average household. The median age was 32.4 years.

Anaheim Festivals, Events, Sites and Attractions

Anaheim has many festivals and events on the calendar for this year. Check out the links below!

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Roof Inspection Services for Anaheim home or business 

When you own any type of property – residential or commercial – it is essential to properly maintain it. This includes the roof. When you call on Cert-A-Roof in Anaheim, you will find we offer all the roof inspection and maintenance services you could possibly need to keep your roof in the best possible protective order. Some of the specific roofing services that we offer are:

1. LeakFREE® Roof inspection (we’ve conducted over 75,000 roof inspections)
2. Roof certification for any repairs completed
3. Repair of shingles, flashing, broken tiles or gutters
4. Complete Roof replacement or a reroof
5. Regular Roof maintenance to keep the roof in proper protective order throughout the year

We offer LeakFREE® roof certification so you can feel confident in the repairs and services provided. Let us be your trusted Anaheim roofer. Our roofing technicians are certified and able to provide you with professional repairs and services that you need to keep your structure safe and protected from the harsh California weather and elements.

Why Trust Cert-A-Roof? 

If you have noticed an issue with your roof, never delay but take action straight away. Call the Cert-A-Roof team in Anaheim and you can be sure that you will receive prompt and professional service. We will perform any repairs in a timely manner to prevent a problem getting out of hand.

Although there are plenty of roofing companies to choose from in Anaheim, the Cert-A-Roof team is fully licensed and insured, so you can rely on our superior repairs and service, whatever your roofing needs. We have already received over 85 five star reviews on Yelp and we have conducted over 75,000 roof inspections for satisfied customers. Whenever your roof needs maintenance or servicing, call Cert-A-Roof and we will provide prompt repairs at an affordable rate.

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