Common Roof Defects – Concrete Tile Roofs


Common Roof Defects

Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete Tile is seen in many of the same shapes as clay tile and is normally found in flat or curved categories.  Most manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty for their products.  Here are the most common roof defects observed in concrete tile roofs:

  1. Concrete tiles are often brittle so we recommend that only authorized personnel be allowed to walk on your roof. 
  2. Like most tile roofs, cracked or broken tiles are a commonly found defect in concrete tile roofs.  You may also discover missing tiles usually caused by missing or improperly installed fasteners. 
  3. As in the case of all roofs, improperly installed flashings can be a problem, especially at roof-to-wall or any other intersections with other materials, changes of direction, and roof penetrations.
  4. Underlayment of asphalt-based material or modified bitumen will often last 40 years if properly protected by the tiles from the weather.  However, broken, displaced, or missing tiles can accelerate the deterioration process drastically.

We recommend annual roof inspections by an NRCIA-Certified Roof Inspector to assure you receive the maximum life out of your concrete tile roof.

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