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Cert-A-Roof is the leading roof inspector in Southern California. With over 75,000 inspections and certifications, we understand the key problem areas with the roofs. The #1 problem found during home inspection is the roof. Over 87% of roofs inspected need repairs. A leaky roof can end up costing thousands of dollars in damages. Cert-A-Roof maximizes roof life by using its proprietary LeakFREE® Roof Inspection process to inspect the roof.

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What makes Cert-A-Roof Roof Inspection different?

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Throughout the whole inspection process, high definition photographs are taken by our NRCIA-certified inspector to document any evidence of areas that are leaking right now, or that are likely to leak in the future. After any and all photos have been taken and the roof has been fully inspected, the inspector puts together a thoroughly written inspection report within 24 – 48 hours, that includes photographs, areas that are causing problems, ways to correct  these problems, and price estimates that can help you when you try to buy, sell, finance or insure your home.

All of our roof inspections include the detail and professional opinion that is needed by mortgage lenders, homeowners insurance adjusters and roof riders on home warranty insurance policies. Such information is typically missing from standard home inspection reports.

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Why go with Cert-A-Roof?

There are many reasons a roof might leak and the purpose of an inspection with Cert-A-Roof is to expose these problem areas if they are present. Cert-A-Roof’s main goal, though, is to qualify the roof for a LeakFREE® Certification if these problems are not present or can be corrected. Either way, you will have better protection and peace-of-mind because at the end of the inspection, you would be well on your way to getting roof assurance.

Cert-A-Roof LeakFREE Roof Inspection and Certification Warranty

Benefits of LeakFREE® Roof Inspection service

➤ Over 150 Five star reviews from real customers

➤ Fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service

➤ Over 75,000 certified roof inspections and certifications

NRCIA-certified Roof Inspectors (we’re different)

➤ Clean, reliable service technicians

➤ Specified and prompt time of arrival

➤ Standardized roof inspection process

➤ Electronic photographic reports

➤ Standardized result analysis

➤ Standardized recommended pricing

➤ Standardized LeakFREE® Roof Certification Plus Warranty

➤ Extended roof warranties available

➤ Renewable roof warranties available

➤ Transferrable roof warranties included

➤ Preventative maintenance inspections included if certified

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Types of Roof Inspections

Cert-A-Roof provides the following roof inspections based on your individual needs:

Cert-A-Roof Roof Inspection

Annual Roof Inspection

Roofing materials expand and contract as the weather fluctuates, especially as we are witnessing weather extremes due to climate change. The condition of the roof may change from year to year or season to season. Cert-A-Roof recommends an annual roof inspection. Annual roof inspection is a preventative measure and performed to make sure that the roof remains in good condition.

New Home Buyer Roof Inspection

Don’t Let an Unknown Roof Problem Add to the Cost of Your New Home

Knowing the condition of the roof should be a major consideration before buying a home. The roof is one of the most expensive elements of a home and unsuspected roof problems could catch you off guard costing you thousands of dollars. The expense from consequential damage is often much greater than the cost to fix the roof.

Insist on a detailed roof inspection and roof certification prior to close of escrow so that you can negotiate with the home seller to provide any necessary repairs. Our trained Cert-A-Roof inspectors perform a thorough rooftop inspection of the entire roof using our proprietary process. Home inspection reports have indicated potential problems on 40% of inspected homes, but our inspectors have uncovered problem and preventative repairs with 60% of the roofs they inspect.

New Home Buyer’s Agent Inspection

Asking for a Roof Certification Can Help Your Client and the Seller Come to Terms

If your client is interested in a home, but worried about the age or appearance of the roof, you can request that the seller obtain a roof certification. At a fraction of the cost of recovering the roof, the seller can remove your concerns and avoid ugly negotiations. A home inspection cannot do this. The home inspection is too general to uncover many of the problems, and the report typically avoids an opinion on the roof by simply recommending follow-on inspection by a roofing professional.

While a home inspection limits its opinion to current findings, a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from Cert-A-Roof can tell you that the roof is very unlikely to have any leaks for at least two or more years. Before certifying a roof, we use our proprietary roof inspection process. If we uncover any existing problems or any areas requiring preventative maintenance, those repairs have to be performed before we will issue the certification. That’s because we stand behind our opinion for two years – ready to provide up to $5,000 in repair services to stop any leaks from normal wear-and-tear.

We also understand how important it is to provide timely, respectful service to support potential sales and smooth, timely closings.

Existing Homeowner Inspection

Assure Your Lender that Your Roof is Not a Concern

If your lender has requested a roof certification, keep in mind that they are looking for documentation to help manage risk. A cursory inspection and a few assurances on letterhead – even from a roofing professional – will probably not be sufficient.

Cert-A-Roof’s LeakFREE® Roof Certification is a detailed and binding two-year service agreement including Cert-A-Roof’s commitment to provide up to $5,000 worth of repair services to stop leaks in the unlikely event that any leaks occur.

Before we issue a certification, the roof must pass our proprietary inspection process. If the roof fails, we provide a detailed written inspection report that includes digital photographs. We go over any required repairs, and those repairs must be performed before the certificate is issued. As a result, your lender knows that the likelihood of leaks is virtually eliminated.

Lenders are increasingly requesting roof certifications based on circumstances. For example, the FHA and VA now require them on flat roofs. Each lender has its own policy, but more and more roof certifications are being requested in conjunction with high loan-to-value mortgages, second mortgages and reverse mortgages.

If your lender has requested a roof certification, it may be because your roof’s condition was flagged by the appraiser (which will not necessarily show up on your copy of the appraiser’s report).

Home Seller Inspection

Don’t Let the Age or Appearance of Your Roof Delay Your Sale

Worried that the appearance or age of your roof will put off potential home buyers? Consider a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from Cert-A-Roof. If your roof has even two more years of useful life, Cert-A-Roof will provide a rooftop inspection, perform any necessary preventative repairs and certify the condition with a service agreement that can be transferred to your buyer.

In the unlikely event of a leak from normal wear-and-tear during the next two years, Cert-A-Roof will make the repairs necessary to stop the leak for only a nominal service charge.

Your roof will be more attractive to prospective buyers and after you obtain a LeakFREE Certification, you can even brag to them about the protection they will be receiving under your certified roof.

Home Seller’s Agent Inspection

Certify the Roof to Help Sell the Home

Have your client obtain a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from Cert-A-Roof to help with negotiations while relieving both you and your client from disclosure risk. Did you know that roof leaks are the number one source of claims against home inspection reports and that the consequential damages can cost thousands of dollars?

If you are worried that the age or appearance of the roof might put off potential buyers or complicate negotiations, certifying the roof can really help. It’s sure a lot cheaper than recovering the roof.

Our LeakFREE® Roof Certification is a binding, transferrable service agreement providing potential buyers with professional assurance that the roof will do its job for at least two more years. Before the roof can be certified, it must pass our proprietary rooftop inspection process. In the event that the roof fails to meet the criteria to pass the inspection, we will discuss our findings and necessary repairs providing a detailed report including digital photographs. Your client – or the buyer – will have all the information they need to move forward. The easiest thing to do, of course, is to have Cert-A-Roof perform the repairs and issue the LeakFREE® certificate.

If you think the home inspection has this covered, think again. In order to avoid claims against their E&O coverage, most home inspectors include language in their reports deferring the opinion on the roof via a recommendation to bring in a roofing professional. When the home inspector excludes the roof, the disclosure liability falls back on the seller and you – the listing agent.

Mortgage Broker Inspection

Real Estate Brokers and Transaction Coordinators

If the home inspector does not assume complete disclosure risk on the roof, the seller, their agent and broker retain that risk. Cert-A-Roof offers a dependable, consistent professional service that takes roof risk to fractional levels by minimizing after-the-sale surprises and providing a service agreement that remains in force for the two-year statute of limitations that typically applies to disclosure law.

Cert-A-Roof was founded to meet the roofing needs of the real estate community. We understand how hard it is to find a local roofing contractor who can provide timely, consistent, dependable inspections and an acceptable certification agreement. Those contractors willing to even look at a dry roof too often show up late, miss appointments or fail to present detailed or accurate estimates or inspection reports.

Cert-A-Roof has developed a brand image and service that will reinforce your relationship when you refer us. The Cert-A-Roof name, proprietary inspection and certification process, Inspection PLUS® software, trademarked LeakFREE® Roof Certification Service Agreement and centralized call center combine to provide the service level you expect. Our roof inspectors take a pledge to provide timely, respectful service and we hold them to it.

Insurance Broker Inspection

Everything Claims Adjusters Need to Settle Fast and Remove Risk

If you need roof certifications as a prerequisite to policy renewals on some types of roofs, Cert-A-Roof should be your vendor of choice. We understand how important it is to provide timely, respectful service and we offer a binding certificate once the roof passes our proprietary inspection process.

Your claims adjusters also need availability from trusted roofing experts. In addition to standardized inspections and reports, they need an “Itemized Scope of Repairs” and an idea of standardized pricing. Cert-A-Roof’s inspectors use proprietary Inspection PLUS® software that includes automated production of the Itemized Scope of Repairs.

When repairs are performed by Cert-A-Roof, your client has the option of additional protection via our LeakFREE® Roof Certification, a service agreement on the entire roof that effectively minimizes future risk for two years.

Property Manager Inspection

Maximize Roof Life and Minimize the Risk of Damage

Property managers have trouble finding roofing firms who will provide annual upkeep and help mitigate roof risk.

At Cert-A-Roof our focus is on roof maintenance and maximizing the life of the roof. Our proprietary roof inspection and certification process is specifically geared towards making sure the roof will do its job for at least the next two years. Until the roof is at the end of its useful life, we will recommend preventative maintenance to help it last as long as possible.

Many of our contractors can also apply cool roof coatings. This costs much less than a new roof and can lower energy costs signficantly due to 85% reflectivity. You may also qualify for tax credits. Application is surprisingly fast, clean and odor-free.

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