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We also offer all of these services in a 10 mile radius around Costa Mesa, including Corona Del Mar, East Irvine, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Midway City, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Orange, Santa Ana, Sunset Beach, Tustin, and Westminster.

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Common Roof Type

Tile is the most common roof type in Costa Mesa due to it’s Spanish style architecture. Tile is a durable roofing material, but because it can slip, crack, or break, it should be inspected every two years. Other elements that can cause it to wear out prematurely are the Santa Ana Winds, which reach speeds up to 40 mph, the direct heat from the sun, and debris gathering in the valleys of your roof.


Costa Mesa has a Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature of 68 degrees. The hottest month is August, which can get as hot at 90 degrees, and the coldest month is February, which gets as cool as 64 degrees. The hot season is May to October (79-86 degrees) and the cold season is November to April (66-68 degrees).


As of the 2010 Census, Costa Mesa had a population of 109,960. Of this, 106,990 lived in households, with the average family size being 3.

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