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One of the best value housing locations in Orange County, Stanton is a small city which covers just 3 square miles. With almost half of all households having at least one child under 18, it is a very family oriented community and has an ideal location for youngsters, being just 5 miles away from Disneyland!

Interesting facts:

The Pacific Electric Railway was instrumental in the establishment of the city of Stanton. In 1906, it arrived in the area, bringing investors and home buyers flocking to the region. Stanton is home to Orange County’s third amusement park, Adventure City, and is a family friendly city with lots of activities to appeal to the community such as the annual Snow Day and the annual Car Show.

Cert-A-Roof offers roof inspection and roof certification in a 30 mile radius around Stanton, including the cities of Anaheim, La Palma, Buena Park, Los Alamitos, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Tustin, Westminster, Garden Grove and Orange in Orange County. 

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Stanton Common Roof Type

Many of the roofs in Stanton are covered in tiles as they are robust and hard wearing. Warm weather year round and strong sea breezes can all cause damage to tiled roofs and the roof felt, especially if there has been damage to the tiling. Tile is a popular choice of roofing in Stanton because it matches the Spanish style housing and architecture of the city. Although it is extremely durable, the roof needs to be inspected at a minimum of every 2 years because the tile can crack, break, or slip from its proper position. Other conditions that can affect your tile roof in Stanton are the Santa Ana winds (high winds of 40 miles per hour), deteriorated felt from the sun’s strong rays if there is broken or cracked tile, debris in valleys and El Nino storms. 

Stanton Climate

With a very low annual precipitation of just 12 inches, Stanton enjoys 278 sunny days every year and pleasantly high summer temperatures of 84 degrees. In winter, the average low temperatures are around 47 degrees, representing a mild climate.

Stanton Population

In 2010, the population of Stanton was reported to be 38,186 which was slightly up on the figures quoted from the 2000 census. The population density here is quite high with 12,122 people per square mile and over 99% of the population live in households. There are lots of families with children in the area, with almost 50% of the residents living with a child under 18. The average family size here is a relatively high 3.9. There are slightly more women than women in Stanton, with around 100 females to every 98 males, and the median age of the population is 33 years making this a community with a younger feel. 

Stanton Housing

The average house price in Stanton is $358,700 which represents an increase of 18% over the previous year. Around 48% of the population rent their home, and monthly rental prices start at $1,100 for a studio apartment and go up to $2706 for a four bed property. Stanton is one of the cheapest places in Orange County to purchase a home. Some of the top places to live in the area include the Palazzo community and Smoketree.

Stanton Festivals, Events, Sites and Attractions

Summerfest and Business Expo
Stanton Car Show
Snow Day
St. Polycarp Fiesta
Christmas Tree Lighting and Children’s Holiday Workshop
Adventure City
Veterans Memorial Park

Roof Inspection Services for Stanton home or business  

When you own any type of property – residential or commercial – it is essential to properly maintain it. This includes the roof. When you call on Cert-A-Roof in Stanton, you will find we offer all the roof inspection and maintenance services you could possibly need to keep your roof in the best possible protective order. Some of the specific roofing services that we offer are:

1. Roof inspection (we’ve conducted over 50,000 roof inspections)
2. Roof certification for any repairs completed
3. Repair of shingles, flashing, broken tiles or gutters
4. Complete Roof replacement or a reroof
5. Regular Roof maintenance to keep the roof in proper protective order throughout the year

We also offer LeakFREE® roof certification so you can feel confident in the repairs and services provided. Let us be your trusted Stanton roofer. Our roofing technicians are certified and able to provide you with professional repairs and services that you need to keep your structure safe and protected from the harsh California weather and elements.

Why Trust Cert-A-Roof?  

Stanton is home to many residents and businesses and is continuing to grow. When you notice an issue or problem with your roof, you should never wait to take action. You need to call on our team at Cert-A-Roof right away. Taking the time to look for issues, such as leaks, missing shingles or other damage will help to ensure that you take action in a timely manner. 

There is no question that there are more than a few roofing companies to choose from in the Stanton area. However, our team is licensed and insured to ensure superior repair and service regardless of what your roofing needs may be. Don’t trust your roof in the hands of just anyone when we offer superior repairs, in a timely manner and for an affordable rate. We have 45 five-star reviews on Yelp, and have conducted over 50,000 roof inspections. When you are ready for any type of roofing services, call on us and our team. We are ready to provide you with prompt repairs or maintenance that you need.

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