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Known as the gateway to Southern California, Ontario is just 35 miles to the north east of Los Angeles and is close to all of the city’s attractions. A major hub in the local area for travelers and for freight, Ontario is a busy and thriving city with great connections to all of the surrounding areas.

Interesting facts:

Once hunting grounds for a native American tribe, modern Ontario began life as a Model Colony, designed to balance agriculture with all of the conveniences of contemporary towns. Today, this dynamic city is home to over 170,000 inhabitants, and it has ample cultural and sporting facilities. In fact, Ontario is home to the USA’s second largest quilting show which sees 40,000 visitors every year. The city is also known for its annual Pancake Breakfast and Car Show which takes place every June. Famous people connected with the city include musician Frank Zappa, novelist Tamara Thorne and Olympic swimmer Douglas Northway.

Cert-A-Roof offers roof inspection and roof certification in a 10 mile radius around Ontario, including the cities of Upland, Montclair, Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont, Pomona, and La Verne. 

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Ontario Common Roof Type

Both asphalt and tiles are commonly found on roofs in Ontario, and both are good choices because of their longevity and robustness. However without regular annual maintenance, damage to these materials can easily go unnoticed, resulting in long-term damage to the roofing felt and associated problems like leaks. Although these roof types are extremely durable, the roof needs to be inspected at a minimum of every 2 years because the material can crack, break, or slip from its proper position. Other conditions that can affect your roof in Ontario are the Santa Ana winds (high winds of 40 miles per hour), deteriorated felt from the sun’s strong rays if there is broken or cracked tile, debris in valleys and El Nino storms. 

Ontario Climate

Ontario enjoys a wonderful climate year round with average temperatures, even in the winter months, being around 65°F. Rainfall is low all year round, with only around 15 inches per year, and snow is extremely unlikely.

Ontario Population

The current estimated population of Ontario is around 170,000 people, with over half of all households having at least one child under 18. The median population age is 29 years with the majority of the city’s residents being aged under 44. 

Ontario Housing

The city has 47,449 housing units with more than half of these being owner occupied. An average home in Ontario costs around $225,000, while those who are renting pay approximately $1,248 every month to their landlords. Some of the most popular areas in Ontario include Ballou, Euclid and and the area around D Street. 

Ontario Festivals, Events, Sites and Attractions

Annual Handcrafted Arts and Crafts Fair
Ontario Mills Mall
Annual Lemon Festival
Annual Indy racing
Christmas On Euclid 

Roof Inspection Services for Ontario home or business  

Whether you own a business or a home in the Ontario area, you must maintain your roof properly. Cert-A-Roof provides excellent roofing services throughout the Ontario area and we can guarantee that we can keep your roof in perfect condition. We offer the following roofing services: 

1. Roof inspection (we’ve conducted over 50,000 roof inspections)
2. Roof certification for any repairs completed
3. Repair of shingles, flashing, broken tiles or gutters
4. Complete Roof replacement or a Reroof
5. Regular Roof maintenance to keep the roof in proper protective order throughout the year

We also offer LeakFREE® roof certification so you can feel confident in the repairs and services provided. Let Cert-A-Roof be your trusted Ontario roofer. Our roofing technicians are certified and able to provide you with professional repairs and services that you need to keep your structure safe and protected from the harsh California weather and elements.

Why Trust Cert-A-Roof?  

If you have noticed an issue with your roof, never delay but take action straight away. Call the Cert-A-Roof team in Ontario and you can be sure that you will receive prompt and professional service. We will perform any repairs in a timely manner to prevent a problem getting out of hand.

Although there are plenty of roofing companies to choose from in Ontario, the Cert-A-Roof team is fully licensed and insured, so you can rely on our superior repairs and service, whatever your roofing needs be. We have already received over 50 five star reviews on Yelp, and we have conducted over 50,000 roof inspections for satisfied customers. Whenever your roof needs inspection, maintenance or servicing, call Cert-A-Roof and we will provide prompt repairs at an affordable rate.

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