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Shoreline is close to Seattle but far enough away to be considered a semi-rural community whose rich history goes back to late 1800s. Located along Puget Sound, Shoreline is a beautiful city with a suburban lifestyle and some areas still retain the charm of a simpler, rural era.

Shoreline WA Interesting Facts

* Native Americans use to collect swordfern and kinnikinic along Richmond Beach.

* The Great Northern Railroad arrived in Shoreline in 1891, prompting its growth.

* In the early 1900s, most people in Shoreline raised their own food at home while commuting to work or school in nearby Seattle.

Cert-A-Roof offers roof inspection and roof certification in a 30 mile radius around Shoreline, including the cities of Esperance, Mountlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park, Edmonds, Kenmore,  Lynnwood, Alderwood Manor, Bothell, Kingsgate, Kirkland, Martha Lake, Woodinville, North Creek, Mill Creek, and Seattle, WA.

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Shoreline Common Roof Type

Residents in Shoreline have the luxury of choosing between many roofing materials that work well in this climate. These include asphalt & asphalt fiberglass shingles, wood shingles and shakes, clay and concrete tile roofing, rubber roofing, composite roofing, metal roofing, corrugated roofing, and flat roofing. One of the most popular roofing materials in Shoreline is asphalt shingles. This cost effective material is ideal as it can be adapted to all shapes and sizes of roof and is even available in a choice of colors to create a unique and attractive appearance. Resilient and robust, asphalt shingles are capable of withstanding storms and high winds effectively while being quick and easy to install. Despite their resilience, it is still important to carry out annual maintenance on all roofs as they are susceptible to damage in fluctuating temperatures and may therefore crack in extreme weather conditions. Other conditions that can affect the roof in Shoreline are the winter storms, snow and high winds.

Shoreline Climate

Shorline’s climate is considered marine west coast with warm summers and cool winters. Neither hot nor cold comes to mind when thinking of Shoreline’s climate. Summer high temperatures are in the mid-70’s, while Winter low temperatures are in the mid-30’s.

Shoreline Population

The population of Shoreline is 55,439 according to 2015 estimates. The majority of residents are White (72%) while 15% is made up of Asian including 0.8% Native American. The average age in Shoreline is 42.1 years. The average household size was 2.39 and the average family size was 2.96.

Shoreline Housing

More than 70% of the 21,330 houses in Shoreline are single family dwellings. The median home price is $330,200 making a monthly mortgage about $2,000. The percentage of owner occupied vs renter occupied is about 60% to 40% respectively. The city of Shoreline is divided into 14 separate neighborhoods plotted out by the city. The neighborhoods range from Richmond Beach in the northwest to Briarcrest in the southeast

Shoreline Festivals, Events, Sites and Attractions

Shoreline has over 400 acres of public park land for residents to enjoy. The parks were recently renovated, making the five star. These parks include botanical gardens, nature hiking, and interurban walking trails, for example. Festivals in Shoreline include the Celebrate Shorline Festival with plenty of ativities, events and entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.

Roof Inspection Services for Shoreline home or business

When it comes time to choose a roof type in Shoreline, residents have a few different materials to choose from. While the weather is typically mild in Shoreline, you still want a roof that can withstand rain, ice and wind. That means keeping your roof in great shape. When you own commercial or residential property in the Shoreline area, you must take care to maintain it properly. When you call on Cert-A-Roof Authorized Dealer in Shoreline, you will find we offer all the roof inspection and maintenance services you could possibly need to keep your roof in the best possible protective order. Some of the specific roofing services that we offer are:

1. Roof inspection (Cert-A-Roof has conducted over 50,000 roof inspections)
2. Roof certification for any repairs completed
3. Repair of shingles, flashing, broken tiles or gutters
4. Complete Roof replacement or a reroof
5. Regular Roof maintenance to keep the roof in proper protective order throughout the year

We also offer LeakFREE® roof certification so you can feel confident in the repairs and services provided. Let us be your trusted Shoreline roofer. Our roofing technicians are certified and able to provide you with professional repairs and services that you need to keep your structure safe and protected from the harsh Washington weather and elements.

Why Trust Cert-A-Roof?

Shoreline offers a rich, family lifestyle with plenty to do and close enough to enjoy the amenities of Seattle. Shoreline is home to many residents and businesses and is continuing to grow. When you notice an issue or problem with your roof, you should never wait to take action. You need to call on our authorized team at Cert-A-Roof right away. Taking the time to look for issues, such as leaks, missing shingles or other damage will help to ensure that you take action in a timely manner.

There is no question that there are more than a few roofing companies to choose from in the Shoreline area. However, our team is licensed and insured to ensure superior repair and service regardless of what your roofing needs may be. Don’t trust your roof in the hands of just anyone when we offer superior repairs, in a timely manner and for an affordable rate. We have over 50 five-star reviews on Yelp, and have conducted over 50,000 roof inspections. When you are ready for any type of roofing services, call on us and our team. We are ready to provide you with prompt repairs or maintenance that you need.

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California SB721: Compliance With Cert-A-Roof Deck Inspection Services

Introduction to California’s SB721

In California, safety is paramount when it comes to maintaining decks, balconies, and stairways in multi-family buildings. This commitment to safety led to the enactment of Senate Bill 721 (SB721), legislation mandating periodic inspections of these structures. To support this initiative, Cert-A-Roof, a prestigious roof certification, inspection, and repair service in Orange, CA, now offers deck inspection services compliant with SB721.

SB721: A Measure for Safety and Compliance

SB721 was established to prevent tragic balcony and deck collapses, protecting residents in buildings with three or more multifamily units. The law mandates inspections of decks, balconies, stairways, and their railings every six years, carried out by professionals with expertise in structural engineering, architecture, or general contracting. This is where the expertise of Cert-A-Roof, a company with over two decades of service, comes into play.

Cert-A-Roof: Extending Expertise to Deck Inspections

Known for its trademarked LeakFREE® roof certification, Cert-A-Roof extends its high-quality services to deck inspections. Their certified professionals are thoroughly trained to identify any deficiencies or hazards, strictly adhering to SB721 requirements. This ensures that the inspected buildings remain compliant, safe, and habitable.

Comprehensive Deck Inspection: A Closer Look

Cert-A-Roof’s deck inspection service comprises an exhaustive checklist. The overall structural integrity of the deck, balcony, or stairway is assessed, including the safety and stability of guardrails and handrails. Inspectors also check for water damage or signs of wear and tear and highlight any areas requiring repair or replacement. Any potential threats identified are addressed with practical, cost-effective solutions to ensure long-term safety without imposing unnecessary costs.

Value of Local Inspection: Embracing Southern California’s Unique Climate

Safety inspections go beyond simply ticking off items on a list. In Southern California’s unique climate, the value of local inspection services like Cert-A-Roof is unparalleled. Their experience with local buildings and common issues occurring in this climate zone enables them to provide insights that generic inspectors may overlook.

Minimal Disruption: Cert-A-Roof’s Client-Centered Approach

Cert-A-Roof is aware of the inconvenience that can be associated with deck inspections. To reduce this, their team is dedicated to performing inspections with minimal disruption. Inspections are scheduled according to the client’s preferences, conducted within the allotted time, and carried out with a high level of professionalism.

Peace of Mind with Cert-A-Roof

By opting for Cert-A-Roof’s deck inspection services, you can rest assured that your buildings are compliant with SB721. Their detailed, professional reports act as evidence of your property’s safety standards, shielding you from potential liability. Moreover, it ensures the residents’ safety from any potential hazards related to decks, balconies, and stairways.

Navigating SB721 with Cert-A-Roof

In the era where safety and compliance are paramount, Cert-A-Roof’s commitment to providing meticulous deck inspection services tailored to the unique needs of California buildings is a significant move towards creating safer living spaces. As SB721 reshapes property owners’ responsibilities, the trusted expertise of Cert-A-Roof can help navigate these requirements with confidence and ease.